Why Turkey is the Best Option for Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty is the procedure that reshapes your nose. People get rhinoplasty usually for breathing problems or aesthetic issues or both. A bad rhinoplasty can cause complications and may lead to revision operations. And unfortunately, the success rate of the operation decreases as the number of operations increases. Because of these possibilities, planning this operation is crucial for the success of your results. You should consider price, accessibility, and quality. Choosing the best place, best rhinoplasty surgeon, and best technique are important. Luckily we have prepared a list of reasons why Turkey is the best option for getting your operation!

1- Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons

The success of rhinoplasty highly depends on the surgeon. The surgeon designs your nose for you. Unfortunately, bad surgery can completely change your appearance. The best surgeons design noses specifically for your facial aesthetics. You can get your rhinoplasty done by esthetic surgeons or ear nose throat surgeons. My advice is getting your nose job by ear nose throat surgeons. This way you can lower your chances of complications. Best rhinoplasty surgeons are usually ear-nose-throat surgeons with aesthetic educations. Turkey has many well-trained rhinoplasty surgeons.

Rhinoplasty SurgeonLet’s talk about the best rhinoplasty surgeon in my option, Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber. He has over one thousand followers on Instagram! This surgeon has done many operations worldwide. Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber is an ear-nose-throat surgeon who is well trained in aesthetic surgeries. The doctor focusses mainly to fix functional problems of your nose. He designs unique noses for each person. He aims for natural perfection. Patients fly all over the world to get their operation done by him. He considers every inch of your face while designing your nose. One of the best parts is you can get virtual consultation before deciding you will get he operation or not. Via his web page, you can send your pictures to the surgeon and discuss your future aesthetics. Don’t forget to check his social media for marvelous results! 

2- Cheap Rhinoplasty

In worldwide comparison, Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to get your rhinoplasty done. It averagely costs three to four thousand dollars in Turkey. Price covers everything including post-operative care, hospital, and anesthesia. One dollar is almost eight dollars. So you can live in luxury while waiting for your operation. Plus, traveling will be cheaper too. Overall choosing Turkey for this operation is one of the pocket-friendly choices you got to consider.



3- Beautiful City

Mostly, operations take place in Istanbul. One of the metropolises of the world. With almost sixteen million population, the city has everything you can wish for. Between your examination day and operation day, you can devour the city at its finest. You can accommodate in the best hotels and eat at the best restaurants. Istanbul has many historical sides that you should see. Maiden Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı palace, and many more are waiting for you! Turkey has many delicious foods for you to try. With Turkey’s traditional soups, liquid feeding after the operation will pass easily. Don’t forget to try Turkey’s incredible deserts before ending your trip.

Why Turkey is the best option


4- Professional Health Tourism Agencies

Health tourism is traveling to treatment or wellness institutions. These institutions can be hospitals, thermal springs, spas, etc. Visas, accommodation, logistics may seem hard to plan . professionals are waiting to plan everything for you. Luckily in Turkey, the health tourism concept is very well established. You can easily find a suitable agency via Google. Some doctors have arrangements with these agencies. Keep in mind that some agencies plan side seeing events too.

5- Best Rhinoplasty Hospitals

Different techniques can be employed in Rhinoplasty. Every surgery is unique to each patient. For getting the best results all techniques should be able to employ. This requires different types of equipment. Turkey has well-equipped hospitals and the best surgeons do their operations in them. In the best hospitals, the best nurses and best doctors are waiting for you. Follow up care and one day stay in the hospital will be a luxurious day for you.

For all these reasons, Turkey is one of the best choices for you to consider. After one week in the marvelous Istanbul, you will breathe and feel better! You will be mesmerized by the authenticity of the city.

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