What Is Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty means nose job. Our face is the first area in our social life and all our lives to show us against the outside. Any problem in this region directly affects our social life. Rhinoplasty creates a smooth image for the nose by correcting the problems especially in the nose area. As a result of the elimination of the disorder in the region with aesthetic surgery, it can have both healthy breathing and the desired nasal appearance. In this article, What is rhinoplasty? What are the differences open and closed rhinoplasty? What is open and closed rhinoplasty? We gave answers to all your questions.

The main purpose of nose jobs are to correct the problems on your face in the nose area. Disorders in the nose area affect you both socially and healthily. The nose is the primary organ for breathing and serves directly to other organs such as the brain. The good quality and size of the breath taken allows you to feel better and energetic in daily life. In addition to all these, aesthetic concerns are of course important. When it comes to nose jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is aesthetic concerns.

What is Open Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Cutting the middle part on the nose is an open rhinoplasty. An incision is made on the pole of the nose. Cartilage tissue and nasal skin are opened. Closed rhinoplasty has begun to replace this type of nose job.

One of the main negative aspects of this plastic surgery is the possibility of incisions and scarring. In addition, postoperative edema, swelling and bruises are among the negative features of open rhinoplasty surgery.

At the end of the healing process, the incision scars usually disappear completely, but the tiny scars on the edge of the nose may be slightly evident. The healing process after open rhinoplasty surgery may be a little longer than the other.

What is Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Cuts are made in the nostrils. Since the incisions are made through the holes, there is no scar. Any operation to be performed on the nose is done through the nostrils. Therefore, this surgery is a little more difficult for doctors. Closed rhinoplasty performed by entering from a very small area offers a faster recovery after aesthetics.

Edema occurs less after closed nose jobs. Recovery is faster. The healing process is also easier for the patient after closed rhinoplasty.

What Are the Differences Between Open Rhinoplasty Surgery and Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Both open rhinoplasty surgery and closed rhinoplasty surgery have their own characteristics. It is up to you which method you choose as it has both positive and negative features. In the method to be used in rhinoplasty, the facial structure of the patient, nose structure and the expected appearance after the surgery are important. Nasal fractures experienced in the past and nasal aesthetics performed to correct it are one of the most difficult procedures. In addition to this procedure, which requires re-breaking of the nasal bone, there are also simple nasal rasping procedures. Before choosing your nasal aesthetic method, it is necessary to master the positive and negative aspects of both methods.

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Should Rhinoplasty be Performed by Open or Closed Method?

Above, we explained the features of both open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. It is up to you which of these techniques to choose, which has different advantages and disadvantages in different angles.

The debate among expert plastic surgeons whether nasal aesthetics should be done with the open method or the closed method has been going on for a long time. There is no exact answer to this question. Every doctor wants to apply the method of her/his own expertise.

The answer to this question is up to you. Recovery is faster and easier after closed nose surgery. The difference between open and closed nose job is only the technical method difference. As long as you choose your doctor well in both surgery methods, you will get good results.

Is Rhinoplasty Harmful?

The anatomical structure of the person, bone and skeletal status, general health status, age and smoking or not smoking are generally important for nose jobs. If incomplete or incorrect information is given about such situations, it is inevitable that problems will arise in operations. In addition to all these, it should be said that it is a difficult surgery. Nose jobs are in the difficult category of facial cosmetic surgeries.

What Is Rhinoplasty Healing Time?

Although nasal aesthetic surgeries are difficult, patients can return to their normal lives quite easily. Although the healing process varies depending on the size of the operation, the patient can stand up within 4-6 hours after a normal operation. If there is no nausea, vomiting or other complaints, he can start eating. You can discharge on the same day after the operation. Sometimes they may ask you to stay in the hospital for 1 day.  Lastly, tampons in the nose remove within 1-2 days. The mold placed in the nose comes out after 1 week.

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