What is Nose Tip Surgery?

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In some cases, our nose looks bad to us. We may have minor nasal disorders. With a small surgery, these problems can be solved. So, with nose tip surgery. Patients with problems with the tip of the nose are operated on. If the tip of the nose is low or wide, surgery is performed. So, the problems disappear. The nasal bone is not touched during the operation.

The tip of the nose is operated. Deformities are corrected. These are minor interventions. Therefore, it is easier to apply than others. They are aesthetic surgeries that take much less time.

Who Can Have Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Patients with good psychology and physically advanced can be operated on. So, your psychology must be healthy. At the same time, you must have completed your physical development. Bone development varies according to individuals.

Physical development is completed between the ages of 16 and 18. After these ages, nasal tip aesthetics can be done. If there is an emergency, you can have surgery before reaching these ages.

Doctors can narrow the tip of the nose. Also, they can upgrade or download the nose. They can make reduction or enlargement operations. Also, they can operate the distance between the tip of the nose and the lip.

Application of Nose Tip Surgery

Doctors use closed technique. They make cuts on the tip of the nose. Cuts are made through the nose. Therefore, there is no stitch mark. It is not visible from the outside.

Doctors do not straighten the cartilage or bone. They just look at the tip of the nose. They Fix it and operate under local anesthesia. There is no need to wear a protective band or splint after these operations. After surgery, your doctor may put silicone or splint on your nose.

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What Is the Process After Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Patients usually go home immediately after this surgery. Because in this operation, they interfere with the soft tissue. Therefore, the possibility of swelling and bruising is very low. The recovery time of this surgery is very short. You should keep your head elevated while lying down after the operation. You should apply a cold compress. So, you can recover in a shorter time.

Patients can return to their normal lives one week after surgery. Numbness may occur at the tip of the nose and this may last for 1-2 months. 2 months after the operation, you can start doing sports with a normal pace. There is no pain after these operations. You will have pain. You can take pain relief for these pains. It relieves your pain.

What Is the Difference from Rhinoplasty?

In rhinoplasty surgery, doctors change the shape of the nose. They operate the bridge and bone in the nose. They focus on the shape of the nose. You can have operations such as narrowing, shrinking, or enlarging your nose. The aesthetic type that deals with the entire nose is rhinoplasty.

In short, rhinoplasty can make the nose look more balanced and aesthetically pleasing. They don’t look at the tip of the nose. They look at the bridge of the nose. If there is a deformity in the bone, they fix it immediately. This is one of the most important differences between rhinoplasty and nose tip aesthetics.

In fact, nose tip aesthetics can also be considered as mini rhinoplasty. We can say that the tip of the nose is the focal point of the face. The first place to notice is the nose. Therefore, the tip of the nose may affect the symmetry of the face. If the nose structure is not in question, the nose tip procedure may be an alternative surgical method.

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Doctors use very little technique in nasal tip surgery. They use more techniques in rhinoplasty. They do not interfere with the general structure of the nose. In this way, they fix the nose with small touches.

If you ask which nose surgery is necessary for you; It will be important to consult an experienced and reliable surgeon for the correct answer to this question.

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