Septum Deviation Surgery, Before and After Process and Things to Consider

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The nasal septum divides the right and left cavities of the nose into two equal parts. It is a structure consisting of cartilage in the front and bone in the back. In this structure, the curvature that occurs for various reasons is called a bone curvature in the nose or septum deviation.

As you can see this curvature from the outside, there may also be a bone curvature in a nose that you see properly from the outside.

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Treatment of Nasal Bone Curvature:

The only treatment is surgery. There are two types of surgery; septoplasty and rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic operation and they are applied to change the shape and contour of the nose. Septoplasty is done to correct septum deviation surgery. It is a functional operation. They can do it together with rhinoplasty and sinusitis surgery.

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Things to consider before septum deviation surgery:

  • Patients who have a chronic disease or who use regular medication should definitely tell this to their doctor.
  • You should stop using blood thinners 1 week before the operation.
  • You should not smoke for the period indicated by the doctor before and after the surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, from the time told before the surgery.


After Septum Deviation Surgery- VERY IMPORTANT

Many people in our country are faced with the problem of nasal curvature. Until the age of 18, they do not perform this type of surgery unless the curvature reaches a special level, they keep the patient waiting. The development process of the nose can be adversely affected by such early interventions.

We know that nasal curvature causes serious handicaps at the point of breathing rather than visuality. The nose is at the starting point for breathing, and the blockages experienced here bring serious discomfort.

The issues to be considered after nasal curvature surgery are also very important. Many patients do not achieve the desired results because they do not manage the post-nasal curvature surgery well, although it is successful. What should be considered after nasal curvature surgery, let’s take a look together.

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Post-operative considerations:

Nasal curvature surgery, which does not carry a high risk and generally results in success, takes only a few hours of the patient. However, the real painful and highly responsible process for the patient begins after that.

When the person is discharged on the same day or the next day, he receives a wide warning list from the doctors. Some of these warnings are warnings that need attention for the first few days, and some for a month. The real success of an aesthetically and physically important surgery, such as a curvature of the nose, depends on the patient’s attention as much as the physicians. After the Septum Deviation Surgery, we can list the things that the patient should show sensitivity as follows:

To Do List

  • There may be bleeding in the nose in the form of a gradually decreasing leak for a few days after the operation, this is normal. In case of excessive bleeding, contact your doctor.
  • Lie down with your head slightly elevated.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for the period indicated by the doctor.
  • Protect your nose from trauma.
  • Act in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations rather than on the advice of friends or other patients.
  • Use medicines regularly.
  • Do not clean your nose by blowing your nose until the doctor gives permission.
  • Small discharge may occur after surgery, this is a very natural result. However, if this type of discharge continues throughout the day and does not stop, then you should consult your doctor.
  • A splint made of specially shaped plastic will be placed on your nose. This splint aims to both maintain the shape and protect the nose against external factors. Never move them even if you are a little bored.
  • Do not bend or force your lips upward while brushing. Make sure your brush is a soft brush.
  • If you are doing sports or daily exercises, you should take a break in this process. On the other hand, do not try to carry heavy things or bend unnecessarily.
  • The harmful rays of the sun are known. Try to avoid sun rays for about 30 days after having nasal curvature surgery.
  • Numbness is experienced in many areas after nasal curvature surgery. This numbness is mostly felt at the tip of the nose and on the lips. You should know that the numbnesses will continue for at least 2 more weeks.

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Don’t Forget !

Although rarely, the feeling of depression can come to the fore after nasal curvature surgery. The new state of your nose may make you nervous; However, it should not be forgotten that in such surgeries, at least 6 months should be waited patiently to get a real return.

📌 If you wonder “Do I need a  septum deviation surgery?”, you must consult an experienced surgeon.  


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