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Rhinoplasty operations are also called nose job. The general purpose of these operations is to eliminate physical and functional problems in the nose. There are many problems such as breathing problems and nasal disorders. These problems are corrected using advanced technology. For this reason, nasal aesthetic surgeries are performed more easily. The healing process is also shorter. There are a lot of questions about rhinoplasty. Let us give you detailed information about the general questions about rhinoplasty;

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1- Will There be Any scars After Rhinoplasty?

There are two types of nose surgery, open and closed. Your doctor decides which method you will be operated on. He looks at the problems in your nose and makes his decision. The most important feature of having surgery with the closed technique is that there is no scar. Because the cuts are made from the inside. However, if you operate with an open technique, a scar may remain, but it will not be visible. Because cuts are made from the lower part of the nose. There is a possibility of scarring in open surgeries, but there is no scar in closed surgeries.

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2- Is There an Age Limit for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

These surgeries require an age limit depending on the development of the nose. This surgery is not performed for women under the age of 17. For men, this age limit is 18. There is no upper age limit for this surgery. If you have reached a certain age and your nose development is completed, you can have this surgery.

3- How Long is The Operation Time?

The duration of this type of surgery varies depending on the technique applied and the problem in the nose. Closed surgery usually takes 1-2 hours. But open surgeries can continue for 4 hours.

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4- Does Nose Aesthetics Solve Your Breathing Problem?

Doctors examine the patient’s nose for deformity and nose growth. Especially there are patients who have breathing problems during sleep. This problem adversely affects the quality of life of patients. During the operation, the patient’s nose can be enlarged. Nose wings can be straightened. Nose tip removal can be done. At the same time, breathing problems can be eliminated.

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5- Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Painful?

Rhinoplasty surgery was a painful operation in past rotation. Especially the plaster and tampons placed on the noses of the patients affected the patients badly. However, thanks to the techniques applied today and the tampons placed on the nose of the patients, it is possible to breathe after the surgery. In particular, closed rhinoplasty operations have significantly reduced postoperative pain. Patients may have pain for a few days after surgery. But these pains are alleviated by taking painkillers.

6- Can the nose be damaged again after the operation?

There are some rules you should pay attention to after rhinoplasty operations. You should also pay attention to your doctor’s recommendations after surgery and apply them. You should also pay attention to the rest periods given by your doctor and the use of medications, thus eliminating the possibility of repeating aesthetic problems. However, in people who do not follow the instructions given in the postoperative period, there is a possibility that these aesthetic problems will occur again.

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7- Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Applied More Difficult in Men?

Men’s nose skin is thicker than women’s nose. This situation affects the intervention process of the doctors, but it is not a difficult operation for men or women. These surgeries can be easily performed in both men and women. Naturalness is an anxiety that is more prominent in male noses than in women… Situations such as excessive lowering of the nasal back and excessive lifting of the nasal tip may occur. This may cause an important problem in the body perception of the person who has the operation. In these terms, it can be said that it is more difficult to make a male nose aesthetic. Some surgeons consider it risky to operate male noses and do not operate.

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