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Today we have prepared a list of questions about rhinoplasty that we found in one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeon’s Instagram accounts. Op. Dr. Muhammed Dilber has over one hundred thousand followers! Naturally, he has many comments. We prepared a list of questions that people wrote on his page. Let’s dive in and answer these questions.


1- Did She Have Thick Skin?

This question was written below the before and after pictures that the doctor posted. The result was truly marvelous. Even if you have thick skin, successful surgeons can fix your nose. It is a fact that thick skin may reduce the chances of a successful rhinoplasty, but in my opinion, every doctor has his/her unique ways to apply. Since Doctor Muhammed has done many operations, he will choose the best operation for you to reduce the risks of failure.

before and after photos of rhinoplasty

2- How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

We encountered this question a lot. When it comes to the price, it is completely dependent on your nose. Muhammed Dilber operates each person according to the patient’s face. If he employs more than one technique, it is natural that the price is higher. It is best that you consult with him, but it is a fact that having your rhinoplasty in Turkey will definitely cost less than having your rhinoplasty in Europe.


3- How Long Does It Take?

Followers frequently asked about the time of the procedure. Normally, the rhinoplasty procedure takes up to three hours. If you are planning on getting rhinoplasty done, you may ask your doctor about the time. If it is nonsurgical rhinoplasty, it surely will take less time. In surgical rhinoplasty operations, you should always leave the rest of the day off. You will need time to rest and heal. Also, you will need someone to take care of you, while anesthesia takes off. After the operation, you will rest for the rest of the day and have your check-up in the morning. After that, you can enjoy your new nose with limitations for a while. Besides, full recovery takes up to one year.


4- Did You Cut the Hump in The Nose?

The rhinoplasty procedure employs many ways to fix your nose hump. Open rhinoplasty closed rhinoplasty, and nonsurgical rhinoplasty is available. Doctors will employ the one that is right for you. If you have breathing problems due to this dorsal hump, doctors will probably use open rhinoplasty to fix your breathing and avoid any complications. If your problems are only aesthetic, doctors may use non-surgical rhinoplasty. In this operation, doctors use fillers to fix your dorsal hump.

before and after rhinoplasty surgery

5- Does It Hurt?

In surgery, you will be under anesthesia. So, you won’t feel it during surgery. After surgery, most patients don’t feel any major pain. It may hurt a little since your tissues have been traumatized and altered but it goes away in one week. Your doctor will give you a prescription for the pain killer he or she recommends. Try to be gentle with your nose. Bumping it to somewhere or picking it may aggregate pain and bleeding. You may find some advice for after the rhinoplasty procedure here. Anyways, following your doctor’s recommendations, trying to keep your nose safe, and using your pain killers will get you through easily.  Try to stick with the drug your doctor recommends, some pain killers may have a blood-thinning effect and it may aggregate bleeding.


6- Is It Edema on The Nose?

After rhinoplasty, it is normal to have some edema. In the first week, it may seem to you that your nose is still big. Be patient and wait for your body to heal. You can consult with your doctor in your check-ups about this edema. Try to drink an adequate amount of water, it may help. Besides, use the medicines your doctor has prescribed to avoid inflammation.

If you have any other questions about Rhinoplasty, feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to visit Dr. Muhammed Dilber’s Instagram page. You will be happy to see that he does art with every nose. He has many before-after pictures as you see above. He uses his social media very actively and he personally answers some questions about rhinoplasty !


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