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Problems in the nose can alter your breathing which can reduce your oxygen consumption. Reduction in oxygen levels in your body can lead to many complications like headaches, fatigue, and many more! A little problem in the structure can cause snoring. In addition, you may not like the look of your nose cause it seems crooked or wide to you.Maybe the aesthetics of your nose bothers you or it affects your confidence. For all of these problems and many more, rhinoplasty is the best choice to consider! After deciding this operation, choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon is an imporant point for your health and beauty.

Definition of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, as known as Nose job, is the procedure of reshaping the nose to improve the function and aesthetics of the nose. The problem can be only aesthetic or it may affect the function of the nose. Even your headache can be caused by your nose. Snoring and inhalation problems can be fixed by this operation. Narrow nose, upturned nose, oblique nose, and problems with nose tip can be fixed. Nose septum and tip both can be reshaped. Two methods are common; open and close technique. Surgeons use different methods depending on the patient, so all surgeries are unique and special to the patient. And because of that selection of the best surgeon is important.

Results of this operation are affected by curvature, the thickness of nose skin, previous operations, and selection of the surgeon. Operation age is considered as 16-17 years for women, 17-18 years for men. People usually focus on function or aesthetics in surgery but they should focus on both at the same time. When the number of nose surgeries increases, the success rate of surgery decreases. So choosing the best surgeon is an important topic for you.

Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber

Muhammet Dilber

Let’s talk about Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber! He is an ear-nose-throat and neck surgeon. Mr. Muhammet has over one hundred thousand followers on social media, where he displays his amazing works. He made the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. This doctor has patients all over the world. He studied at Uludağ University, where he specialized in ear,nose and throat ,and then arrived in İstanbul. In İstanbul, he performed about seven thousand surgeries in different hospitals. Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber worked with many experts in many different topics. Rhinoplasty, ear operations, snoring, allergies, sinusitis, and throat surgery are some of these topics.He has published many articles while attending seminars, courses and conferences to improve himself. Mr. Muhammet is a member of many universal and domestic associations.

This doctor improves function and aesthetics of the nose. He usually uses open techniques in rhinoplasty surgery because it gives the doctor opportunity to see everything and work according to your special nose structure. Since all noses are unique, each operation is special to each patient. He carefully designs each nose specifically for each patient. Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber has different techniques and he chooses the best one for you after considering your nasal structure, aesthetics, and facial characteristics. Moreover, he can perform autoplasty, which is the process for ear deformities.This procedure applies to children too! Because of these kinds of problems children get bullied unfortunately and autoplasty can solve this problem without any risk of complications.


Recommendation for Rhinoplasty from Us

You can get an appointment on his website, you can also call to make an appointment. After making an appointment, you will go to İstanbul Burun Estetiği Merkezi to get examined. In this examination your bone structure, nose structure will be analyzed. Even though past operations may affect the results, Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber examines your nose and explains what he can do to fix it. Also he aims to make your nose look natural , beautiful and compatible to your face. İstanbul Burun Estetiği Merkezi is open from ten am to eight pm, five days of a week. Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber does operations in Bakırköy Acıbadem Hospital, which is the best-equipped hospital of rhinoplasty Turkey. Generally operations take three to four hours.

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Operation Result of Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber

Lastly, let’s talk about his results, he has many more of these pictures in his social media. You can check his social media out for many more successful results like given below.

Before: Before operation,this patient had a thick skinned crooked nose. Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber used ultrasonic rhinoplasty for this case.

Before and After Result Muhammet Dilber

After:  Aesthetics even after two operations for these problems. This revision rhinoplasty solved both of her problems.

After: Did not choose other surgeons. He went to Op. Dr. Muhammet Dilber and now his problems are history. He got the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery in Man

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