Non-Surgical Nose Job: What Is Nose Filling?

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It is very different from classical rhinoplasty. You can also have non-surgical procedures to change the appearance of your face. One of these applications is nose filling. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose, have a nose filling. Because this is a good option without surgery. However, it may not be the best solution for everyone. We have prepared a detailed article about nose filling for those who are curious about non-surgical rhinoplasty applications.

What is Nose Filling?

Nose filling, which is a non-surgical rhinoplasty application, is a non-surgical method. They shape your nose with this method. They inject filler into your nose.

Your nose gains volume with the injection. While doing this, they use filling materials such as hyaluronic acid. With the developments in non-surgical nose aesthetic techniques. Doctors treat all kinds of deformities in the nose in this way.

Nose Job Operations

How is Nose Filling Done?

During the procedure, your doctor applies anesthetic cream to the target area. Then, he/she injects filler material into the areas determined before the application.

They don’t make any cuts in the nose. It does not contain anesthesia. After the procedure is over, you can leave the hospital. After a short time, you can return to normal activities.


How long does the product filling take effect?

Cosmetic injections are not permanent. The fillers applied are not permanent. The filling disappears after a while and the nose returns to its original shape. Therefore, when the effect of nasal filling starts to decrease, you can have it done again.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nose Filling



Nasal filling (Liquid Rhinoplasty) offers many advantages to patients. One of the advantages is that it is a good option for many patients who do not want or are afraid of surgery.

Another advantage is that retouches are very easy to perform. They apply filler to a small area. They make a simple injection. And finally, nasal filling is much more economical than plastic surgery applications.

Nose Fill


It is possible to say that there are two main disadvantages. First, the result is not permanent. The duration of action is different depending on the type of filling materials. The result of the application varies depending on the material and injection technique.

Second, nose filling is a limited procedure. In cases such as nose reduction, an advanced bump and excessive curvature, nasal filling alone is not sufficient. Therefore, nasal filling is not suitable for every situation.


Why Is Nose Filling Done?

The easiest, frequent, painless and most innocent procedure is nasal filling. At the same time, it is one of the most preferred procedures because it is very economic.

The tip of the nose is aesthetically different in men and women. While it is 90 degrees in men, it is slightly more in women. For this reason, since the facial structure of the person changes according to whether he is a woman or a man, it is necessary to distribute and place the filling accordingly.


How is the Healing Process in Nose Filling?

After the nose filling process is over, you can return to your normal life. There are no situations such as swelling and bruises that occur after rhinoplasty.

Nose Fillers


Are There Any Side Effects of Nasal Filling?

As with face filling applications, there are different brands and products in nasal filling. The most common and safe all over the world is hyaluronic acid. It does not harm your skin after it melts and there is no harm in doing it again.

All possible side effects of face filling applications are also valid for nasal filling. Complications such as allergic reaction, bleeding, and infection may be encountered. When applied correctly by experienced doctors, the complication rate is negligible.

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Can Doctors Do Nose Filling for Nose Job Revision?

You can have nose job in more serious cases. If you need more corrections, you can choose it. The purpose of these applications is to add volume or correct some imperfections. A second application reason may be to show the expected result before revision rhinoplasty.


What Can’t Nose Filling Do to Your Nose?

The original shape and size of the nose does not change with nose filling. There are different methods for such a change; Rhinoplasty surgery will be the best option.


Is it possible to reduce the nose with filling?

Since nose filler not a permanent application, it is not possible to reduce the nose after this application.

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