How Do They Correct the Nostril Asymmetry with Rhinoplasty?

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The number of patients who want to have surgery with the complaint of asymmetry of the nostrils is quite high. It is also possible for patients who have had previous surgery to have asymmetry in their nostrils. In our article today, we will inform you about the nostril asymmetry.

Correct the nostril asymmetry wtih rhinoplasty nose job blog

Your doctor plans the surgery according to the complaints and expectations of patients who want to have a rhinoplasty surgery. After they make a detailed examination of the patient and take photographs, doctors determine the procedures. It is possible to hear comments such as “I have a nasal arch and I want you to correct the asymmetry in the nostrils”.


Nostril Asymmetry Surgery Doctor Selection

Rhinoplasty surgery is an important aesthetic intervention. If you are going to have an operation, we recommend that you should get consultation. Also, go to at least 3-4 different doctors for examination. These interviews provide you information about how your process will go. You can also have extensive information about rhinoplasty.

When choosing a doctor, if you are going to have a rhinoplasty, the doctor must first have sufficient experience. Also, he/she must love his/her job, inform the patients, prove himself/herself to you with certain researches. His very good understanding of the anatomy of the nose will provide you much more convenience in the post-operative period. A surgeon who knows the anatomy of the nose well knows the critical interventions that should and should not do. Thus, it minimizes postoperative swelling and bruises.

Correct the nostril asymmetry wtih rhinoplasty

Nostril Asymmetry Surgery

The condition of the nostrils can be very variable, both in size and shape. You may not pay much attention to the condition of the nostrils before the surgery. However, if they pay attention to the nostrils before the surgery, there is often an asymmetry. The reason for asymmetry may be the curvature of the cartilage in the middle of the nose. Or the differences in the cartilages at the tip of the nose.

When planning nasal surgeries, they also note the existing differences and solutions in the nostrils. They make comparisons after surgery and evaluate to what extent the current problem has been solved.

After a well-planned and performed surgery, the shape and size of the nostrils are often symmetrical and balanced. However, when you look very carefully, you can see slight differences between the two nostrils. If the overall shape and perception of the nose is positive, you can ignore the slight difference between the nostrils.

If there are very distinct differences between both nostrils, this is a problem, and your doctor should definitely fix this. For the additional procedures, it is necessary to understand the causes of the problem and to apply an effective treatment plan. This may sometimes require them to use patches of cartilage.


Nostrils Asymmetry After Surgery

Wrong the nostril asymmetry

They determine the result according to the healing process of the nose after the nostril asymmetry surgery. No matter how corrects the intervention was, the patient should take good care of himself. Also, he/she should be well fed and behave kindly to the incisions after the surgery. He should use his medication regularly.

You should never use tobacco and tobacco products that affect the healing process in the worst way. While correcting the asymmetry problems of those with very large postoperative asymmetries to the satisfaction of the patient. They cannot provide 100% symmetry in nostril asymmetry surgery as in every surgery. However, it depends on the knowledge and experience of the doctor. According to that, it is possible to keep this percentage at the best level.



How Old Can You Have Nostril Asymmetry Surgery?

Rhinoplasty general surgery is the lower age of 17 for girls and 18 for boys. The upper age limit varies according to the patient and skin condition. Usually, 40 is the age limit. We do not recommend that you undergo surgery at advanced ages. Because the nasal skin becomes thick, lubricated and loses nose elasticity.

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We came to the end of our nostril’s asymmetry article, but we are aware that there will be many questions on your mind. So, and for more information, take a look at what to consider before Rhinoplasty.


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