False 8 Beliefs About Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Rhinoplasty surgery, an operation they do quite often in Turkey and in the world. But there are a lot of mistakes about this operation. Rhinoplasty brings the results of facial plastic surgery as it improves and improves the general facial appearance of the people.

At the same time, it provides correction of problems. Such as deviation caused by the person’s nasal structure and a healthy functioning of nasal functions. Although rhinoplasty surgeries are one of the most common rhinoplasty surgery procedures, many legends are circulating among the public about nasal aesthetic procedures. Here are the Rhinoplasty myths:

false beliefs about rhinoplasty surgery nose job blog Myth 1: They Do Not Perform Rhinoplasty at Very Young or Advanced Age

Truth: The lower limit for these surgeries is 16 for girls and 18 for boys. However, they can rarely perform this surgery in younger children who have severe difficulties due to nasal airway obstruction.

In advanced ages, there is no upper limit to perform this surgery. They can perform this surgery at any age where the general condition of the patient is good. Also, where there is no harm in taking anesthesia. Sometimes, there can be medical reasons. With this procedure, they intervene in breathing problems due to collapsing in the nasal wings while breathing. Also, breathing difficulties due to the excessive angle at the tip of the nose.


Myth 2: The Open Method Remains Scars

Truth: They perform this surgery with different techniques. Some surgeons use only the closed method, some prefer the open method. Some prefer one of the two according to the patient’s nose structure. In the open technique, they can evaluate the surgical field in much more detail during surgery. They can solve problems with appropriate techniques. If the patient’s only problem is the nasal arch, it is sufficient for them to correct this with the closed technique. However, if there are many other problems, the closed method is often insufficient.

With the open method they apply today, it is almost impossible to notice the scar with the naked eye after 6 months. The biggest advantage of the closed method is that it is completed in a much shorter time. The disadvantage of the closed technique is that it works under the skin. Also, the technical difficulties in intervening in some problems.



Myth 3: Every Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon Can Perform Rhinoplasty

Truth: When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery, it is very important for a good surgeon to perform the procedure. As we mentioned earlier, rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure. It is an experienced and skilled surgeon should do your surgery to get the best possible results and to prevent complications. So, they can prevent revision rhinoplasty.


Myth 4: Rhinoplasty Nose Doesn’t Look Natural

Truth: The purpose of rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of the nose and to create a more balanced face. As long as you do not stray from this maxim, the result depends of skill and experience of the doctor. And the result will be natural and closest to nature. At this point, it is very important for patients to cooperate with their doctors. They should express their expectations correctly and to be open about the realities of their expectations.

photo of after rhinoplasty nose job blog

Myth 5: The Process After Rhinoplasty Is Very Painful

Truth: These surgeries are mostly painless. Many patients do not feel the need to use painkillers from the 3rd day after surgery. With the Ultrasonic Piezo technology, they use today, bruising can be less. Although the mentioned bruising and swelling causes the feeling of suffering to the outside. It would not be wrong to say that it is a kind of illusion.

The reason why the process is painless is that the bone cuts are not in a moving area. During this period, they tell the patients to stay away from situations such as hard chewing. Also, excessive laughing that will stimulate the face area for up to 1 week in order not to cause mild pain. And they suggest using a soft toothbrush. Thus, the patient has almost no pain.


Myth 6: After Rhinoplasty, Nose Tip Drops

Truth: When the surgery is performed by experienced hands, the tip of the nose does not fall off. In modern rhinoplasty, they definitely support the anterior part of the nose with cartilages that we call grafts. Supporting the tip of the nose is resistant to physiological nose tip angle drops that may occur in later ages. We can also say that it has some kind of anti-aging contribution.

As a matter of fact, we can say that the fall of the nose tip, which changes the expression on the face of the person due to aging, does not occur in rhinoplasty surgeries performed with the correct technique or it will be much lighter after many years.


Myth 7: I Can Choose the Nose I Want for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Truth: There are many patients who want to have the same nose of their favorite singer, cinema artist. However, each nose is unique in itself. And a nose that looks beautiful in one person may not look good on another person. This is because everyone’s facial features are different. Therefore, they design and apply a separate surgery plan for each patient. At this point, of course, patients need to be sure of how realistic their expectations are or not.

rhinoplasty surgery muhammet dilber 

Myth 8: They Fix Problems in the Nose Only by Surgical Intervention

Truth: Until 10 years ago, there was no alternative method other than surgery to correct problems in nose. But today, nasal aesthetics without surgery is possible with the technologies of filling materials compatible with the developing tissue. However, there is a misperception about correcting all nasal deformities with filling.Botox or skin stretching, also known as “non-surgical rhinoplasty”. This is also not true. Because they apply these methods only in selected patients with very minor problems.


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