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Are you thinking about getting rhinoplasty surgery? Today we wrote an article that you may like. We will give the timelines of bruising, swelling, and healing of your nose. We will try to tell you what your face will be going through after rhinoplasty operation, so you can check any symptoms you think as unusual. But first, we would like to give you the one and only advice you need for your rhinoplasty operation. Choose your surgeon wisely. Try to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon with the aesthetic sense same as you. Let’s dive into our topic and see what you may experience.

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Swelling on Face After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After your rhinoplasty surgeon gets the splint off your face, some swelling happens due to irrigation of tissues around. Use the medications that your rhinoplasty surgeon prescribed. Healing of swelling will take up to two weeks. Minimal swelling may stay up to three months. The tissues near your nose will be swelled because of irrigation but if you do not use your medications, inflammation may occur. In that case, swelling will last longer. Thus, it is crucial that you take your medicines regularly.


Bruising on Face After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After taking off your splint, bruising around your eyes and nose is common. This bruising will decrease fastly. It usually recovers in two weeks maximum. Blood under your skin causes bruising, but our body heals it easily. Keep in mind that taking any damage to your nose may cause a breakage of little veins around your nose, and bruising may occur. Even worse, your nose and tissues surrounding your nose will be sensitive to any pressure. You should be careful if you want to heal faster.


Numbness on Face After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nerves are traumatized during your surgery, and this causes numbness in your face. Don’t panic it is completely normal. The time takes for the numbness to go away is dependent on the person, the technique, and many other things. Do not worry, it will take a maximum of twelve months. If you have further questions about this numbness you experience, you can consult your rhinoplasty surgeon right away. While nerves are regenerating your face may feel itchy, it may feel like a burning or sharp pains. Do not worry. These are the symptoms that your face is healing. Be patient and everything will be fine.

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Skin Sensation on Face Nose Job

You may feel burning and tingling for up to two weeks. These are good signs actually. These are the signs that your nerves are healing. As we mentioned above, nerves get traumatized and numbness may occur. Luckily, your body will do it’s best and heal you as fast as it can. Tingling and burning will leave their places to little sensation and numbness will go away completely.


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Tips for After Nose Job

Here are a few tips from us! These tips may help during your recovery process.


1- Do not take any damage for a while, your nose is healing and any damage may lead to revision rhinoplasty surgery.

2- Keep sun exposure at a minimum level, the sun may irritate your stitches or skin. Irrıtation may lead to bad things.

3- Keep your head elevated as long as you can, even when you are sleeping. By doing this, you will decrease the bruising and swelling.

4- Rest adequately, you had surgery. Know that your body is healing. You will have plenty of time to enjoy your improved look.

5- Eat healthily! Your body needs all the nutrients it can get. Besides, you should eat liquid foods for a while to avoid irritating your freshly operated tissues.

6- Do not blow your nose, do not pick it. This will worsen your pain, inflammation, bruising, and swelling.

7- Pulling your forehead may hurt, smiling may hurt. Try to keep your facial expressions at a minimum for a while. Surrounding tissues should rest and heal. Otherwise, you may have extra bruising and swelling from these tissues.

8- If you are wearing glasses, you may consider using contact lenses for a while. Glasses will pressure your newly operated nose and as we mentioned above pressure is bad for your nose. It can negatively affect your healing.


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