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Before getting rhinoplasty, everybody wonders about what they will experience after rhinoplasty surgery. How long will it take to heal? Will it hurt much? There are lots of things that people wonder about. Luckily we prepared a list of everything you have to know about after rhinoplasty. If you have any unanswered questions, just contact us from our Instagram page and we will answer them for you.

Healthy Foods for human

After Rhinoplasty- Diet

Your diet affects your healing after your operation, so you have to give attention to your eating habits. Your diet can even fasten your healing if you eat healthily and consume the foods mentioned below. In addition, with a healthy diet, you may prevent constipation that anesthesia causes.

Now, let’s talk about which alterations you should make for smooth healing. For the first twenty-four hours, you have to eat cold and bland foods for minimizing the side effects of anesthesia. After that, you have to consume soft foods like yogurt and soups. Eating hard foods causes upper lip stretch and this may hurt and bring back your healing. Eating high fiber foods will prevent your risk of getting constipation. Also, keep in mind that eating anti-inflammatory foods, wound healing foods, anxiety-relieving foods, fruits and vegetables will help your recovery. We will give some examples of anti-inflammatory,wound healing, and anxiety-relieving foods below for you to try out.

Anxiety relieving foods

Dark chocolate and Brazil nuts are good examples for this category. You can enjoy green tea or chamomile tea, both of them have anxiety-relieving activities.

Wound healing foods

High protein-containing foods like fish, egg, and yogurt can be good examples of wound healing foods. Foods containing high vitamin A and vitamin C can help your wound heal faster too.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Usually foods with rich monounsaturated fats have anti-inflammatory effects. Avocado and olive oil can be good examples. In addition to these strawberries, blueberries, grape, and mushrooms have anti-inflammatory effects too. Dark chocolate and green tea both have anti-inflammatory effects as well as anxiety-relieving effects.Consuming this food will not only increase your healing rate but also prevent your nose from infections.

After Nose Jıb Operation

After Rhinoplasty -Recovery, Swelling, Bruising, and Pain

Keep in mind that complete recovery takes up to twelve months. After two weeks appearance is mostly recovered but be gentle to your nose and try to avoid any damage. Just be patient about this process and focus on your healing.


It is a common part of the recovery after Rhinoplasty. It mostly goes away in two weeks but minor swelling can stay for two or three months.


Bruising under the eyes does not occur as usual as you think. Even if it happens it resolves up to eleven days.


If you did not take any damage, the pain stops in thirty-six to seventy-two hours. Keep in mind that your nose is sensitive to damage up to three months. If the pain does not stop after seventy-two hours, you should contact your doctor.

After Rhinoplasty -Alcohol

Firstly, you must not consider drinking alcohol when you are using painkillers. Painkiller and alcohol interact with each other and this interaction is dangerous. Also, alcohol may cause swelling of your nose and it may slow your recovery. Drinking has many side effects that may induce pain. Doctors advise not to drink at least two weeks after surgery but it is advised not to drink as long as healing takes.

Bad Habits

After Rhinoplasty  – Smoking

Smoking reduces your oxygen flow and chemicals in cigarette smoke are highly carcinogenic and cytotoxic. Also, smoking after rhinoplasty has many side effects like skin loss, infection, excessive bleeding and it may even cause an asymmetrical nose! Smoking before or after badly influences the healing process and affect results. Take this as an opportunity to give up smoking! You will feel healthier and happier about this decision also you will prevent complications in the future.

After Rhinoplasty – Cast Removal

The cast is usually removed on the seventh day after surgery. It is done by doctors. People take their casts themselves by using lots of warm water but we recommend you to visit your doctor for this procedure. It will be the first time that you see your new nose, don’t make any changes.

📌 Lastly, if you have any questions unanswered, check our article that we tried to answer everything we did not mention here.

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