Does the Sense of Smell Change with Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty surgery is a surgery where they aesthetically shape the nose and correct breathing complaints. Their interventions for aesthetic and functional purposes during the operation are far from the part where the nose performs its olfactory function. In other words, as they do not make any incisions or interventions in that area, it is not possible to disrupt sense of smell function with any nose surgery.

There will only be a slight nasal congestion for a short time depending on the edema in the nose for a while after the operation. This reduces some odor. As the swelling passes, the smell will improve.

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Don’t Have Sensory Loss After Rhinoplasty!

Our nose is one of the most important organs that make up the expression of our face. Nose and other sensory organs work together in many factors, from smell to taste. The shape of our nose may differ due to various reasons or inherited. While some people’s noses are innately beautiful and proportionate, some people suffer from the appearance of their noses.


Planning Your Surgery

The doctor learns whether the surgery carries various risks for the patient by exchanging detailed questions and answers with the patient before the surgery. The doctor, who first learns what kind of nose you want for rhinoplasty surgery, explains to the patient the effects of factors such as bone and cartilage structure, the shape of the patient’s face and skin thickness. Then they take pictures of the patient from various angles and give information about how the patient will have a nose after the surgery with the markings they make.

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Preparation for Surgery

The patient should stop eating and drinking for 6 hours before the operation, should not smoke, and should not take aspirin and drugs that have the same effect because they dilute the blood. The more careful you are before the operation, the faster and healthier the after-rhinoplasty recovery process will be.


Which Risks Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Carry?

Every surgery carries risks in its own way. The risks of rhinoplasty surgery are also at the same or maybe even lower level with all other surgeries. After the operations performed by an inexperienced and careless doctor, the risks such as not stopping the bleeding, the wrong boiling of the nose, and a decrease in smell may manifest themselves. For this reason, you must work with a specialist physician.


What is Smell?

The tiny nerves on the membrane inside our nose are stimulated by tiny particles emanating from objects. By vibrating with the air, we take in, we perceive the vibration emitted by the particles. This condition is called fragrance. The perception we sense from smell is called smell. The nose, which has a sensitive structure like the receptors on the tongue, may suffer some temporary sensory loss due to complications after surgery.

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Does Nose Aesthetic Surgery Cause Odor Loss?

In Rhinoplasty, they are performed very far from the point where the olfactory nerves of the nose are. They do not interfere with the olfactory area in any way, and there is no intervention that will affect that area. Some sensory losses may occur due to edema that may occur in the nose shortly after the operation, due to the pressure of edema on the olfactory nerves. This completely temporary situation returns to its original state after the swelling passes.


Bad Smell and Rhinoplasty Operations

The sense of smell is much more developed in women. Therefore, they may smell bad after the rhinoplasty operation. However, it is not possible for a different person from the outside to smell this smell. Thanks to technological developments, experts now benefit from melting threads while performing nasal aesthetics. These threads, which melt and disappear about 180 days after the procedure, can also cause odor. However, general odor sensitivity increases after rhinoplasty operations.

While examining the relationship between the sense of smell and rhinoplasty in this way, we should also pay attention to the permanent loss of smell. First of all, with endoscopic examinations, they can detect all problems that prevent air from reaching the olfactory area. In addition, they can use imaging methods. Today, when determining the level of odor loss thanks to odor tests, such problems are eliminated with nasal aesthetics. We know that men and women frequently apply to this procedure because they can treat nasal curvatures, polyps and nasal meats thanks to nasal aesthetics.

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Finally, the advancing age factor causes tissue loss in the nose. The deterioration of the nerves that provide smell can also cause changes in the sense of taste. This situation brings along a loss of appetite. However, it is always important to take the necessary actions on time because rhinoplasty is not applied to patients over a certain age. Some patients may also experience phantosmia. In other words, sinusitis patients refer to doctors with the complaint of bad smell. As a result of their evaluations, they can reach a solution with nasal aesthetics.


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Janet Wong December 30, 2020 - 10:50 am

Can a revision of the nose be done under Local A ?
I have an implant done more than 40 years ago , like to remove it three bumps have appeared recently at the side.

Nose Job January 4, 2021 - 2:14 pm

There is no problem in choosing the type of anesthesia you want, but there are advantages and disadvantages in some aspects. For the operation, your nose is locally anesthetized, but you are awake during the procedure, your consciousness is completely in place.


You may experience discomfort even though you do not feel pain in some stages of rhinoplasty in local anesthesia. With a properly administered general anesthesia, they provide more comfort and minimize side effects. Therefore, if you do not have any health problems, it may be better to choose general anesthesia.


However, this is an important decision that you should not make alone, you should definitely consult your doctor.


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