Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Solve Sinus Problems? How?

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There are spaces around the nose that we call sinuses. As a result of these cavities filling with inflammation, a disease called sinusitis occurs. Medication or surgical treatment is required to prevent sinusitis. Which causes many problems such as headache, shortness of breath, nasal congestion. Whether or not sinusitis patients can have nasal aesthetics. Before getting rid of this problem is also among the issues you wonder. Sinus problem creates a feeling of fullness and heaviness in the face area. However, the rhinoplasty surgery need of the nose causes the person to have problems with both breathing and appearance.

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Can Those with Sinusitis Have Surgery?

In sinusitis, chronic sinus problem, if they detect deviation in the patient’s nose area, they will definitely need to perform the treatment with surgery. Because with the formation of bone curvature, sinusitis brings a much larger breathing problem. It is not possible to treat it with medication. It should also be noted that different surgeries will not be required. And that they can perform both sinusitis treatment and aesthetics during the same surgery. However, it is imperative that they prevent the sinus problem. In order to get the right and definite result from the aesthetics. Because they cannot determine the actual shape of the nose contour blocked by inflammation. And therefore, you cannot get the result you want in shape change.

If, as a result of the necessary examinations, it is determined what they need to do for aesthetics. Sinusitis patients can get a new shape to the nose area while removing their inflammation. Especially the procedures where they take bone or tissue will be more practical.

In small-scale cosmetic surgeries, they treat the nose with a closed nose. And they can drain the sinuses in this way. However, when a larger aesthetic operation is required, they both open the nose area and empty the sinuses. In such situations, it is quite natural for patients to experience heavy discharge. And bleeding for a certain period of time. Because sinusitis surgery is as important as plastic surgery. Patients will experience nasal congestion during this process, and they will have difficulty in breathing completely. However, this is a temporary situation. Both of them will allow patients to breathe much more comfortably in the future. In short, rhinoplasty and sinusitis surgery are possible together.

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Nasal Congestion After Rhinoplasty

As long as there are no serious functional disorders and deformities, they do it after the age of 18. When the nasal development ends. Along with the aesthetic correction, they can also correct the difficulty in breathing through the nose. Which many people suffer during this operation. They can handle all the structures of the nose at the same time. Or they can make partial corrections according to the patient’s expectation.

Depending on the size of the procedure they perform, this process takes about two hours under local or general anesthesia. It does not cause post-operative pain and avoids being a fearful surgery. Almost all patients are discharged on the same day. From the next day, they can return to their daily lives.

Depending on the size of the procedure, plaster or bands may be found on the nose. They remove them after a week. They do not use tampons that scare the patient in any of the procedures they perform. After removing the plaster, the patient meets his new nose. However, it is necessary to be patient for a few months. In order to reduce edema and see the final shape of the nose clearly. Possible detention bruises disappear spontaneously within a week, and this period can be shortened by using auxiliary drugs. They recommend a few pen drugs for post-operative prevention for about a week. Rhinoplasty does not result in any trace.

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Improving Breathing in Revision Rhinoplasty

After revision surgeries, the only thing that changes for patients will be the dressing of this area. If they take cartilage from a different area. The postoperative process for the nose area will not be different from the first surgeries. Many methods of operation have changed since the days of their modernization. The current expectations of the society shaped the change and development of surgical techniques.

In the years when the procedure started to become popular, the number of specialist physicians was very small. And the ability to access the procedure was financially more limited. So, it was only accessible to a certain group. Therefore, in this field, there have been results that can be described as the fashion of the time. Which may seem artificial to us.

Today, our expectation of functionality and naturalness has come to the fore as social expectations. Which keep pace with the period in this regard. Considering the patient’s expectations, they evaluate them in accordance with their age. Also, their gender, facial features and sociocultural structure. Within the framework of respect for tissue and physiology. Patients with breathing problems may need revision if they do not perform an application in the first surgery. They can correct your nasal breathing problem in revision rhinoplasty surgery.


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