Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Last Forever?

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Patients who have had nasal aesthetics usually have many questions after surgery. Patients are very meticulous about the swelling in the nose, the permanence of the aesthetics and the tip of the nose. They can have question marks in their minds. In this article, we would like to answer the questions you may have after Rhinoplasty Surgery…

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Questions That May Occur in The Mind After Rhinoplasty Surgery

1. Is it True That the Nose Flows More After the Rhinoplasty Operation?

No. This may be valid for 1-2 weeks immediately after the operation, but such a complaint has not been seen yet.

2. Does Smoking Affect Recovery After Rhinoplasty Operation?

In most surgical operations, smoking affects healing. Since the main structure that shows the result in nasal plastic surgery is the nasal skin, heavy smoking after the operation will negatively affect the recovery and the result of the surgery.

3. Will You Return Home Immediately After My Operation?

Yes. When the operation is over, you can go home with your companion after about an hour of supervision. However, sometimes doctors may ask you to stay in the hospital for 1 day for surveillance.

4. When Do Stitches Remove?

The type of operation is very important. Stitches are usually removed after 1 week. But the stitches used in some surgeries melt in the nose over time.

5. Is It Possible for the Nose to Grow After a Rhinoplasty Operation?

When rhinoplasty is applied to adults, their noses do not grow.But if the patient is younger, it may continue to grow. Therefore, there is a 16-age limit for girls. We advise men to wait until they are at least 17-18 years old.

6. When Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Fully Effective?

Yes. Swelling is greatly reduced in the first month. But still, improvement continues for 1 year. This is the unalterable nature of the nose. 80% of the changes are evident in the first three months, this rate rises to 90% in the sixth month, but it takes a year to reach 100%.

7. Does Nose Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty?

When the bandage is removed after nose surgery, the result may be different. An image different from the one expected by the patient may occur. The fact that the edema of the nose has not descended yet causes the bone structure not to be fully understood. For time, edema will dissolve and the details that will shrink the nose will be clearly revealed. In unsuccessful surgeries, the removal of swelling will cause problematic areas to appear.

In interviews with doctors before aesthetic surgeries, almost all of the candidates raise the question of whether the tip of the nose falls off as a result of the operation. It is believed that the tip of the nose fell off among the people.

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Doctors detect the problem with the patient’s nose. They operate accordingly. Low nasal tip is a common problem especially in our country. The nose sagging towards the upper lip becomes more prominent during laughing. The low nose, which progresses with age, can be pulled into the desired form with surgery. It is a matter of curiosity whether the lip shape will change in people who will undergo this surgery. There is no change in the lip structure after nose surgeries.

You will not have breathing problems after a correct operation. Problems may occur years after surgery. This depends on the aging of your skin. Generally it is a physiological condition. The low nasal tip, which is an important surgery, can result without problems with the successful application of modern techniques.

Lastly, you should be careful when choosing a surgeon. Nasal tip surgery is a very important operation. Past accidents and operations are important. You should definitely share this information with your doctor. Respiratory problems experienced by the person do not constitute an obstacle for plastic surgery. Many problems can resolve with one toperation. Also, talk to your doctor about the nose you want before rhinoplasty surgery and make a plan. So, you will be more satisfied with the result.

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8. What If You Are Not Satisfied with the Results of Your Rhinoplasty Operation?

What is generally not satisfied is that the tip of the nose or the bridge of the nose still remains slightly air after the operation. The unhappiness here can be remedied by talking to the surgeon and showing photos of the healing process. When healing occurs unexpectedly, a correction operation is offered to the patient.

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