Causes and Results of Wrong Rhinoplasty Surgery

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It is very important to have an aesthetic appearance for both women and men. Facial features, as it is known, covers an important part of the concept of beauty. Similarly, the appearance of the nose greatly affects the beauty of the face. Therefore, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are not happy with the nose structure when they look in the mirror and want to change this situation and they want to have a nose aesthetics. However, there is a risk of the wrong rhinoplasty surgery situation arising due to the wrong choices they make. You may need to undergo a revision rhinoplasty operation to achieve the realistic goal.

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So, what can wrong nose aesthetics lead to? In the blog post we prepared for you; we will discuss the issue of wrong nose aesthetics. Throughout the article, we will give answers to questions such as “How is unsuccessful rhinoplasty and Is my rhinoplasty is unsuccessful?”, And “What does wrong rhinoplasty cause?” We hope it will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about unsuccessful nose surgeries and wish you a good read.


Why Does Nose Aesthetics Fail?

Before moving on to what the wrong rhinoplasty can lead to, we can go into the causes of erroneous nose surgeries. We can list the main reasons for the failure of nasal aesthetics as follows:


Incorrect Doctor Selection

One of the main reasons for unsuccessful rhinoplasty is the choice of a wrong nose aesthetic doctor. As a result of choosing the wrong nose aesthetic doctor, the result will not be at the desired level. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a plastic surgeon and turn to people who are specialized in their field.


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Not to Follow the Recommendations of The Aesthetic Doctor

Your aesthetic doctor will provide you with a set of rules that you must follow both before and after surgery. If you follow these rules strictly, it will affect the successful result of the rhinoplasty operation. Therefore, if you do not apply what the aesthetic doctor says correctly, it will increase the possibility of a negative result.


Impact on the Nose After Rhinoplasty Surgery

You should take care of yourself for a certain period of time after rhinoplasty. You should take extra care not to get any blows towards your face. As a matter of fact, a blow to the nose, especially in the first months, can damage the nose while the nose structure is in the sitting phase.

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Having Nose Aesthetics Incompatible with The Face

One of the important criteria for the success of a rhinoplasty is the compatibility of the nose aesthetics they make with the face. As a matter of fact, every face is special, and they make every nose aesthetics according to the facial structure of the patient. Bring the celebrities whose nose structure you like. Applying the same nose structure to you does not mean that it will give a successful result. Catching the golden ratio is important at this point.


Having an Excessively Thick Nose Structure

Having an excessively thick nasal structure is one of the factors that makes nasal aesthetics difficult. The reflection of their surgical interventions on the outside is more difficult for people with a thick-skinned nose structure. Therefore, people with a thick-skinned nose structure should be extra careful about choosing an aesthetic doctor.


How Do You Understand Unsuccessful Rhinoplasty?

After listing the causes of unsuccessful rhinoplasty, we can give information about how you can understand the unsuccessful nose surgery. We can list the main symptoms of incorrect rhinoplasty as follows:

  • The continuation of functional disorders in the nose, if any, and consequently the continuation of breathing problems.
  • Curved or crooked nose structure.
  • The nostrils are too narrow or wide after surgery.


Results of False Rhinoplasty Surgeries

In addition to not improving the aesthetic appearance of the person as a result of incorrect nasal aesthetics; Different dimensions of unhappiness and depressive mood may also occur. If the change in the nose structure is not to the extent you want, you will have difficulty in getting used to the new nose structure and you will enter a bad mood. The functionality of the nose may also be impaired in some unsuccessful nasal surgeries performed only with aesthetic concern. As a result, situations such as snoring and being unable to breathe comfortably from the nose may occur.

after revision rhinoplasty

One of the important problems that those who fail nose surgery will face is material. As a matter of fact, every unsuccessful nose surgery reveals the necessity of revision nose surgery. Revision rhinoplasty surgery also means extra cost. In addition, the nose surgery of people who will have a second nose surgery is more difficult than those who will have a nose surgery for the first time. Therefore, those who want to have a rhinoplasty should know the reasons for faulty nose surgery and take actions in this direction.


Solution for Those with Wrong Nose Aesthetics

Do not be upset about the unsuccessful rhinoplasty! With the right precautions you will take and the right steps you will take, it is possible to get out of the negative situation you are in. As we have mentioned before, the surgeries of people who will have a second nose surgery are more difficult than those who will have surgery for the first time. Therefore, those who experience unsuccessful rhinoplasty should continue the process with an aesthetic doctor who has proven himself in revision rhinoplasty. With the right choice, it is possible to achieve a desired nose structure.

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