Can You Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

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People often ask “Did i ruin my rhinoplasty?” and they explain a situation they have encountered. Your behaviors before and after your rhinoplasty surgery can affect your rhinoplasty at any rate. They may even ruin your outcome and create a need for revision operations. Luckily, we prepared a list of topics you have to give attention to achieve successful outcomes. Just be patient with your healing process, your new nose will have plenty of time to do what you did not during the healing process. Relax and enjoy the healing!

Can Smiling Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

Although extreme facial expressions may alter your rhinoplasty results, smiling little won’t harm you or alter your results. You have to limit your facial expressions just for your healing process. You can smile naturally but don’t overexpress yourself, remember your nose is healing. A little damage can lead to revision operation and it has a lower success rate than your first surgery. Give yourself time to heal and enjoy the rest of your life happily with your new perfect nose.

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Can Laughing Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

Extreme laughing may affect your results. As we mentioned before, try to limit your facial expressions. You will have plenty of time to do everything. You may laugh naturally but try to limit it. If you feel any pain while laughing, contact your doctor immediately. Usually, after two weeks, people don’t feel any pain laughing and it does not affect the results but each healing process is unique to each patient. You may heal faster or slower than what the internet says.

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Can Nose Blowing Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

Doctors advise not to blow your nose at least for three weeks. Since your nose will be healing, you should give it time. Bleeding and pain are common effects of blowing your nose too soon. Nose blowing may damage or even tear nasal tissue. Patience is the key to the most successful healing process. If you have to blow your nose, you should do it gently.

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Can Yawning Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

You can yawn but it is best to limit it. Extreme facial expressions may lead to permanent effects on your rhinoplasty results. Try to keep your expressions minimal for the first few weeks. If any blood or pain is seen during yawning, contact your doctor for advice.


Can Picking Your Nose Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

First few weeks, you should not pick your nose ever. It may irritate and damage your nose tissue badly. Besides, it may worsen your healing and decreases your chances of getting a successful result. If you are bothered, you may use a q tip to clean it a little but be gentle doing it.

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Can Crying Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

Crying may cause or increase swelling, inflammation, and edema around your nose, especially at the tip of your nose. The internal lining of your nose swells when you cry and this swelling may cause stitches to burst. So try not to cry too much until your stitches are healed. In most patients, results are not affected by crying but you should consult with your surgeon to consult. Cartilage, bone, and your skin will be traumatized after your surgery, try to avoid irritating them meanwhile. Salt in your tear drops will not affect you badly. Your nose and under your eyes will need time to heal after your rhinoplasty surgery. Healing may take up to twelve months, try to be patient for successful results. In addition, you may experience anxiety and sadness after your nose job. Contact your doctor immediately if you have significant mood changes.

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Can Damage Ruin Your Rhinoplasty?

Damage to your nose can definitely affect your rhinoplasty surgery results, it may even lead to a revision rhinoplasty surgery. Your nose is really fragile after your operation, in the meantime cartilage and bones of your nose are traumatized. If you had excessive damage to your nose, contact with your rhinoplasty surgeon immediately. Any damage to tissues may worsen your healing process and reduce your chances of successfully rhinoplasty results.

Keep in mind that you should always follow your surgeons points for healing. If you have any questions about after rhinoplasty, check out the articles that we tried to answer questions for you. You can contact us and ask your questions if you have further questions.


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