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The most boring thing about being famous is that you have to have somebody around you constantly looking at you from head to toe. Therefore, nothing of yours can be kept private for this reason, it is not difficult to understand why the claims of aesthetic intervention are not interrupted. Most of the celebrities we follow mostly have nose jobs on their faces.

Here are some of them who has a nose job on her/his face;

Celebrities's Nose Jobs

1. Blake Lively

There is a change experienced by Blake Lively, one of our favorite stars, with both her style and aesthetics. There is a small aesthetic on her nose. This little touch has changed her enormously. Blake Lively, one of the leading brands with style, has become one of the actors followed by the fashion world with her stylish clothing. Not only her clothes were effective in favoring her new image. Aesthetic touches on the nose, lips and teeth made him a completely different person.

Blake Lively's Nose Job

2. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was also known for her obsession with her nose. Looking at the photos, we can say that Jennifer Grey finally got the nose he wanted after years of struggling. But even this change could not reap the player’s declining career. Unfortunately, she still takes part in low budget productions. But there was a situation like this. Nose jobs did not spoil Jennifer’s appearance at all, and on the contrary, she became more beautiful. But when the directors and screenwriters saw this new version of her, they immediately withdrew their movie offers.

Jennifer Grey's Nose Job

3. Hailey Baldwin

It turned out that Hailey Baldwin, one of the popular names of the recent period, has undergone plastic surgery many times. One of them are nose jobs. Hailey Baldwin met aesthetics at a very young age. Of course, she also has an aesthetic operation on her nose. The model, who made her first aesthetics at the age of 14, definitely looks older than her current age.

Hailey Baldwin's Nose Job

4. Halle Berry

The 54-year-old actress says in many interviews that Hollywood is putting pressure on looking perfect. There is serious pressure on especially “aging” celebrities like her. But she has stated many times that she will not be operated for this reason. Despite this, she later underwent surgeries such as facelift, Botox, nose surgery, and lip augmentation.

Halle Berry's Nose Job

5. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is one of the most popular kids in the High School Musical series. But as he grew older, his nose began to lose its shape. He made the nasal bones and nostrils thinner. Zac Efron now has a more pronounced and masculine nose. Zac Efron drew attention with his split teeth during his adolescence, and later changed his image with the aesthetic intervention he had on his teeth. The 29-year-old actress, who also changed his hair style, became a completely different person.

Zac Efron's Nose Job

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6. Kendall Jenner

Kendal Jenner's Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

We are used to the aesthetic events of the Kardashian family. It turned out that supermodel Kendall Jenner, known as the natural beauty of this family, also had multiple aesthetic operations on her face.

Kendall Jenner's Nose Jobs

She had a rasp on the tip of her nose. At the same time, Kendall Jenner has chin and lip botox too.                  It is not difficult to say that Kendall Jenner had a nose job by looking at the photos. Unlike many celebrities, she preferred to have a small nose job. Moreover, twice. She got his first nose job at the age of 16.

So, What Does It Take to Have Celebrity Noses?

The inclusion of celebrities in the magazine press and the opening of private hospitals has a great effect on the increase of aesthetic surgeries compared to the past.

This surgery is a difficult one. You shouldn’t choose a standard surgery to have the noses you see in celebrities. In other words, the period of making the same nose for each patient is over. Now they try to design and make noses according to the skin, face proportions, style and wishes of each patient as much as possible. They raise the bar every day.

To master rhinoplasty surgery, it is necessary to be a good observer, a good listener, a good designer, a good surgeon and a patient person.

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